The Night That Haunts Me Day and Night

Caution. This post is very emotional, detailed, and is not meant for anyone who can't read graphic information about a rape.


A Successful Mentee/Mentor Relationship

A successful mentee/mentor relationship looks like the one I have with my mentor. We shared personal experiences with each other so that we could get to know each other on a more personal level then she helped me get in contact with people who are currently practicing in the jobs I am looking into as... Continue Reading →

My Best Friend

You're the part of me that could make or break me. I gave you all of me a long time ago. You're the part that could kill me and the part that made me hold on for so long. With ease you could crush me at any moment but you choose to keep me safe.... Continue Reading →

Dear Fourteen Year Old Me

Dear fourteen year old me, As you sit down to write that suicide note, think about all the good times you'll be missing out on. I swear living will be worth it, I've been through them. Yes, there's some things you'll experience where it feels like your heart was ripped out of your chest but... Continue Reading →

My Sister

So this poem is about all the hurt I've had all my life and realizing just how much my sister has always hated me. Although, I don't always blame her for making me hate myself (thank god I'm getting out of that) because I can only imagine how much she must hate herself so she tries to make everyone else hate themselves as much as she hates herself.

St. Paddy’s Weekend

So, this weekend I decided to drink with my friends. Just like any normal 21 year old girl would do. Heck, it was St. Paddy's and I've never been to a bar since I turned 21. So, I made plans with a guy I was kinda into and he was excited to come see me... Continue Reading →

Recent Events

I apologize for not writing for a little while, on Spring Break a very dear friend of the family, who was pretty much my family even if we weren't connected by blood, passed away due to cancer claiming his life. And then yesterday, yesterday was one year since the day I was raped. I caught... Continue Reading →

My Dad

This is another thing I wrote. It was about when my Dad had cancer. Thankfully, we got through it and he's cancer free! I love you, dad. His cancer returned a few years later and we won that fight as well. 2 years cancer free with many more to come ❤ I hope you enjoy


Here's another one of the things I wrote. It's about pain and seeing your loved ones hurt. The instances posed are members of my family. I'm not looking for people to feel bad for us. I'm just hoping you like the meaning behind it can can possibly relate. Enjoy 🙂

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