The Demon Inside

You tell me I’m broken

Why don’t you take a look in the mirror?

And see the one who broke me

You say it’s just a phase

No, there’s something inside me eating me away

No, you can’t see it

No, it’s not pretend

It’s something you left behind

It’s this demon

This depression is killing me

Sucking the life right out of me.

This depression reminds me of you

It shows me all the pictures of us

Back when you still cared

Back before you realized you wanted her

This depression gives me what I want

It gives me a reason to die

No more excuses, tonight’s the night

Tonight is the night these cuts will be enough

Tonight these cuts will bleed me out

Maybe then you’ll be sorry

Maybe then you’ll see

Then you’ll feel sorry

Feel sorry for leaving me

For not answering my calls

For not hearing my screams

Because tonight

You’ll be wanting me

You’ll be screaming my name

At the top of your lungs, you’ll beg for me

Like all those nights I spent alone

Asking God why you left

Asking God for a reason to live

But tonight is your night to grieve

To feel my depression

And realize I was the one you needed

You’ll look at those pictures

And put that gun to your head

We’ll meet again

In the hell we’ve created

We’ll burn there forever

Wishing things were different

Wishing things were like before

Back when you still cared

Back before you realized you wanted her

Take a look in the mirror

And see the demon inside of me

The demon that grew the day you left me

The demon you turned out to be


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