My Dad

You’re the one who’s always picked me up when I’m down

What am I going to do if you’re not going to be around?

Words can’t explain us

Our bond is too strong

It’s something that can’t be broken

With distance and sorrow we grow strong

With good times and bad

We always have each other

But what am I going to do when you’re here no longer

Dad, you’ve always understood me

On a level that I’ve never understood myself

We can always tell what’s on each other’s mind

By a glance in some direction

We’ve been through too much

For me to lose you now

If love could stop this, I’d try with all my might

For you, I’d give my life

I can’t lose you

Nothing would be the same without you

You’re the piece that makes me feel whole

I love you, Dad

More than anything in the world

I wish I could be with you

We could get through this together

I miss you more than words can explain

You’re my inspiration, my hope, my rock

You’re the first person I want to talk to when anything goes wrong

Or when anything goes right

I wish I could make you proud of the person I’ve become

But I can’t even tell you that

Because how could you love me, if I can’t love myself

Don’t get me wrong

I know you love me

But I don’t see how I could make you proud

Considering all I’ve done

I can’t lose you

Not while I’m trying to be better

Not before I graduate college

Not before I have a family of my own

I want you to see me happy

Like I used to be

But without you, that dream is gone

I can’t see you hurt

It breaks my heart

I just want to come home

So you can feel my support

We can get through this together

Like we do everything else

I’m not ready for you to leave me

I’m not ready to watch you go

We’ve been through too much together

For anyone to ever understand

We have a bond that can’t be broken

A relationship beyond a father and daughter

Because you’re my best friend

You’re the best Dad I could ever wish for

Even if you didn’t know how to be

You did a pretty good job if you ask me

We had our ups and downs

But there was bound to be mistakes

I’m sorry I made it so hard on you at times

It was a learning experience for both of us

You’re so much more than a father

You’re my Dad

My favorite person in the world

My partner in crime

The best friend I could ever hope for

You taught me how to walk

You taught me how to get up when I fall

You taught me to be a good person

Even when the world showed me different

We have our secret handshakes

And our looks to make each other laugh

I can’t lose you, Dad

We have so much more to learn

I have so much more to tell you

We have so much more to see

None of these words come close to explaining

What you mean to me

But it was worth the effort

You are worth the effort

What am I going to do if you’re not going to be around?

I’m not going to have to wonder

Because if you go, I’m going with you

Because this life isn’t worth living without you in it

I would give up anything

To come home and be with you

Right now we need each other

Right now and forever

My best friend

My inspiration

My Dad. I love you, Dad.


2 thoughts on “My Dad

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  1. That’s so beautiful, and a touching tribute to your dad. I hope he’s read it. I never had children, so I’ll never have that feeling. I always wanted a daughter. I like to think she would have written something like this for me.


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