This blog is for anyone who just feels like they’re alone or no one can relate to them because I promise you, I have been in that position and I have found my way out. I found the guy who I call “my person” who is my best friend, not my boyfriend, not the guy I have sex with but the guy who I know will always be there for me and I can admit the most embarrassing things to and just tell everything to. He’s helped me realize there is at least one person in this world I can relate to. So I want to pass on that feeling of loving someone unconditionally and maybe even become someone else’s “person”. My person is the first person I tell when anything goes right…and when anything goes wrong. He never truly judges me for my actions even when I judge myself. He jokingly judges me but that’s just our relationship with each other. I’ll definitely talk about him and a lot of those things that I don’t necessarily want to talk about but someone other than me and my person needs to know the story because it will help me heal and maybe it will help someone out there too. Well, other than that, I am in my 20’s, in college, the youngest of two girls, my parents are very supportive, and I’m super close to my family. You’ll soon learn a lot of things about me so keep reading and that will help with more of the “about me” part.


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